Thursday, 28 July 2011

Terror Toys Season Overview

This is a spoiler free overview of Terror Toys Season, containing a short summary of each film with their marks out of 10 posted along side.  This is so you can take a look and decide if you want to see the film for yourself without reading the spoilers in the main reviews.  If I watch any additional Terror Toys movies in the future, I will add them to this list.  Movies will be listed worst to best.

The doll they should be making movies about.

 Puppet Master 2

Summary:  Not particularly entertaining sequel to Puppet Master, with no returning cast and little returning continuity.  One or two good characters and a couple of interesting scenes, but I'd never watch it again if I had the option and is apparently disregarded in general by fans of the overall franchise.  
4 out of 10.  Full Review: here.

Demonic Toys

Summary:  Unoriginal and pretty bland for a Terror Toys movie.  The toys are made to look creepy, but are devoid of any personality.  Has a couple of interesting characters, but the plot is a composite of other, better, movies.  You could get some entertainment out of it as a bad B-movie, but it's a poor and lazy effort.
4 out of 10.  Full Review: here.

Child's Play 3

Summary:  Worst instalment of the Chucky franchise, with only Brad Dourif returning from the previous movies to voice Chucky.  Highlights include seeing Andrew Robinson chewing the scenery and pulling people's hair and seeing Jimmy Olsen going face first into the mud.  The setting change to a military school means we have to see every cliché associated with the army, including a few lines lifted directly from Full Metal Jacket.
6 out of 10.  Full Review: here.

Puppet Master

Summary:  Fairly okay movie, a few good effects and moments through out the film, but the second act drags to the end.  Has a cult following and is probably worth seeing at least once, but it's not a film I'd probably watch again.
6 & 1/2 out of 10.  Full Review: here.

Child's Play 2

Summary:  While it is poorer than the first movie in terms of several points, one of the more important ones actually being Chucky's movements, I think it's the more entertaining of the original three movies.  It's not really scary, but Dourif owns the character in this film. 
8 out of 10.  Full Review: here.

Child's Play

Summary:  It's a very well made movie, great acting across the board, very good effects, interesting plot for the most part.  Still, it's silly in places and it's a bit dated and not really scary at all, but well worth seeing. 
8 out of 10.  Full Review: here.

Dolly Dearest

Summary:  One of those movies which looks like they're going to be terrible, but turns out to be a hidden gem.  Sadly, unavailable currently on region 2 dvd, but there are copies of it floating about.  Has Denise Crosby and Rip Torn, it's entertaining, has a great secondary cast and most importantly, it actually manages to be scary.
8 & 1/2 out of 10.  Full Review: here.

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