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True Blood season 4 review - Me and the Devil

It's the time of the week where I sit at my laptop, load up the latest episode of True Blood and agonise over whether or not it did the book justice.  Plenty of other reviewers deal in the plot of the episode, I deal with the reactions to what's happening from a book readers perspective.  Just because I'm a fanatical fan of the books and no one else seems to do this.

Warning, this review contains spoilers for both the episode and the entire book series where applicable.

Let's get this started.
  • Previously on True Blood...  you know, we're only five episodes in of a show which has a pretty dedicated fan base, do we have to do this every week?  Apparently we do.
  • By the way in case you missed it, I called weird voodoo thing from Jessica's being full of bad voodoo and shower scene episode 5 or 6.  
  • Blood hell, Joe-Lee is really going to kill Tommy if he doesn't loosen that chain.  What an ass hat.  Poor Tommy, I actually like that resident troll.
  • Yes!  Kill him, Tommy!  
  • Oh shit, did Tommy actually kill his Momma too?  Aww, poor Tommy, it's not his fault he has the world's worst parents.
  • Titles!  
  • Ok exciting start so far, I really like Tommy's character so it's interesting we're opening on someone who isn't Sookie, but I'm guessing we did that because they've thinned the Sookie story line so much this season.  Hmm if when this season is over I cut all of Sookie's scenes down to one episode, I'm wondering how long it would be.
  • Back with the witches, no one listening to Lafayette, again.  
  • Aunt Petunia's so crazy, I actually heart her.
  • Back to Arlene and Terry, I hope they get some good scenes this week, I wonder when we're going to see the reveal of the doll.  
  • Terry is like the nicest character ever.  
  • Oooooh, Eric in Sookie's room!  YAY  GODRIC!  One of the best changed characters from book to show.  
  • No, Eric, don't listen to ghost Godric, you love Sookie.  
  • Yes he can be saved ghost Godric.  Hang on why is ghost Godric being a dick?  He's usually so nice.  I hope this is a dream.  Oh yay it is.
  • Can I actually say that Eric and Godric together actually made the vamps quite scary for the first time in ages.
  • Goddamn those surf shorts on Eric are hilarious.
  • If they were any further down, we'd be getting an eyeful.  
  • OMG *dies*  I had a bad dream.  
  • I'm so relieved that Jessica and Hoyt rescued Jason.  Now please call someone and tell them he's alive.  
  • They're so going to fuck up Jessica and Hoyt now aren't they?
  • Crap-King Bill and his incesty Granddaughter, ewwww.
  • LOL Portia is trying to convince Crap-King Bill into having sex with her.  
  • Thank you for eye raping her, Crap-King Bill, it's the best thing you've done all season.
  • Oh god, I might die, Eric crying because Godric said he was evil, bless his little heart.
  • This scene is beyond cuteness.
  • Oh my god, the hand holding....  so very, very cute.  might die again...
  • Oh... my god.....  
  • PAM??!!!?!!!?!!!  What did they do to my beautiful Pam?  
  • The world needs more bee keepers, lol!  Thank you Crap-King Bill, I needed that.
  • Maybe some extra lipstick....  *dies*
  • Thank you Tara, please go back to New Orleans, and die so we never have to see you again.
  • Layfayette and Jesus go to Mexico, it could be a teen movie.
  • Oh God, baby Jesus is gonna get his goat murdered.
  • Jesus Christ!  
  • Oh dear, Tara's girlfriends found out her real name.  
  • Oh god, Tommy bringing their dead parents to Sam's door.
  • Oh Holly, I thought they'd forgot about her.  
  • Subtle mind reading skills, Sookie.
  • Poor Jason, recounting his rape story.  Maybe he should tell andy he's alive.
  • Wow the reverend actually married Tara's mother.
  • *FACEPALM* Arlene, your casual racism is somehow funny.
  • Sookie doing her Nancy Drew bit, bless her.
  • Aunt Petunia, are you an old fraud?  
  • Wow, Sookie hearing her Gran through Aunt Petunia was cool.
  • Aw, Tommy breaking down and Sam helping him.  Bless him.
  • LMAO!  Tommy turning himself into a gator and scaring Andy.  *dies*
  • So, Crap-King Bill's witch spy is back, what kind of info will she pump Aunt Petunia for?
  • LOL, you're not.  Crap-King Bill actually being effective.
  • Oh Tara, please do away and die.
  • Yes, Tara, fight go back to New Orleans and fight, and out of the show. 
  • Oh Aunt Petunia's getting another vision of the witch lady possessing her.  
  • LMAO, so they were vamps burning witches.
  • Tara you complete and utter cow bag.
  • Crap-King Bill being shockingly useful again in glamouring Aunt Petunia.
  • Jesus and Lafayette arrive in Mexico to meet grandpa.
  • Alcide!  How can he not register with the pack?  Oh dear, why are they making wolf pack business so needlessly stupid.
  • Aw, Sam and Tommy having to feed their parents to the gators.  
  • They really should have weighted them down.
  • Bless Tommy, he's genuinely sorry he killed his parents.
  • lol, rubber gator tail.  Do gators really love marshmellows?  I must look this up.
  • Aw Arlene and Terry are the sweetest couple ever.  Oh god, what's going to happen?
  • LMAO!  Jessica!  Please don't rape Jason.  He's had enough raping.
  • Wait!  Is this a dream?  OK then?  Oh Jason.
  • Jason has the most hilarious dreams.
  • OH GOD!  *dies*
  • Hoyt!
  • Poor Eric, all pouty because of his bad side.
  • Ok...  I have to pause this.
  • I'm just so very happy.
  • So very, very, happy.
  • You have no idea how happy it makes me seeing Sookie kissing Eric.  
  • I might have to rewind this scene a few times.
  • Oh it's one of the priest vamps from Aunt Petunia's vision.  
  • Oh shit, Pam blabbed about Eric.  Pam, Pam, Pam.
  • Oh double shit, Crap-King Bill is on the way to Sookie's.

OK, that was how you do a good episode.  Brilliant.

Hilarious, emotional, romantic, dramatic, suspenseful.  Everything a good episode should be.

From the preview next week it looks like Bill's crossing the line of no return.  Once he crosses it in the show he'll never be redeemed, can't wait.  I can't stress how much of a twat he is in the books and so therefore he just annoys me on screen.

I'm not going to do a good stuff/bad stuff as my only real complaint this week was Tara still being in the show.

Looking back on this episode, almost every moment was brilliantly played.  It's the kind of episode you go back and watch again just for the fun of it.

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