Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Anouncement - it's Kill the College Kids Season!

This may sound like a terrible vague sub-genre, but I shall elaborate.  I had hoped to do a Fraternity/Sorority them, but when I was looking up movies that fell into that category, I had seen most of them and it left me with a list of about two movies.  So I opened up the search a little and looked at other movies which mentioned Frats/Sororities, based on college kids and again I had seen most of them.

However, I figured that having a theme based about killing college kids has got to count, so that's what I settled on.  I have a list of about 6 movies, I'm aware that one or perhaps two of them don't actually take place at a college, but supposedly make a thing about these being college kids, so what the hell.  I've seen a lot of horror movies, it's hard finding ones which will fit into a particular sub-genre that I haven't actually seen. 

We'll see how many I end up with at the end of it, sometimes I managed to find other movies to add to the list, sometimes I discover the copy I have is unwatchable or is in Korean with no subtitles or is in fact the completely wrong movie.

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