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True Blood season 4 review - You Smell like Dinner

Another week, another episode, it's time for my blow by blow account of episode 2 of season 4, I'm not as excited as last week after the wtfuckery, so I've lined up Leverage for afters in case I need cheering up.

A remind, this review will contain spoilers for both the tv show and the books if it is appropriate to mention.

  • So, Jason's waking up with blurry o vision and some kid is licking his head, kinky.  He's about to discover the price of treating people fairly when they have a psycho were panther for a relative.
  • As suspected previously, it's Crystal's brother/fiance, from what I've seen of the previews this is the start of Jason's route to were pantherdom.  I wonder how they're going to handle that, in the books he's a sort of half-man when he transforms, but something tells me they ain't gonna do that there.
  • Ah, Sookie/Eric...  hot.
  • Eric's the man, *sigh* I wish I was him.  Go Eric, persuade Sookie that ESN is the way to go.
  • Crap-King Bill ugh, ugh, ugh.
  • Yay!  Pam!  In a catsuit....  if I could get away with growling, I so would.
  • I realise this is True Blood, but I'm somewhat uncomfortable with watching Sam have a naked conversation with a woman who is also naked sat in a very unattractive way.
  • Ew...  Crap-King Bill's nasty, thrusting arse, not exactly what I want to see.  LMAO, Sookie caught by security.
  • LaFayette talking sense, Jesus talking nonsense.  Have I mentioned Lala's mo' yet?  Cos it's awesome.
  • Oooh, flashbacky goodness.  Oh. My. Fucking. God.  I saw this on the previews, but I am only now believing it.  Goth!Vampire Bill....  *dies*  lmao...  Stephen Moyer doing a Lawndon accent is hilarious, he's so middle class. 
  • A barman called Cullen, wow I hope Bill makes him a vampire so True Blood can have the REAL Cullen vampire.
  • Can't...  take...  Bill's...  guyliner...  seriously...
  • Oooh, Nan Flanegan. 
  • Ugh, retconning Bill being a spy for the higher up's, why couldn't they just have book!Sophie Anne, she was awesome.
  • Lol, Arlene freaking out over baby serial killer, I'd wet myself laughing if he turns out to be some sort of supe.
  • Wow...  they managed to make Crystal more of a bitch than in the books, ACHIEVEMENT!
  • Ah Tommy, in universe troll, why not more Tommy?
  • Aw, I love Terry, he's by far the nicest character in the show and he can deal with Arlene's crazy which is always good.
  • Ugh, Tara.
  • Oh Eric, you'll never be able to seduce Sookie with doors and microwaves.
  • Oh, Sookie has a new wardrobe, I wonder if it leads to Narnia?  LMAO, I was wondering how they were going to get the hidey hole into it considering Bill was supposed to have built it in the spare room.
  • Hoyt and Jessica re the cutest thing ever.  Oh God...  they're arguing again...  Goddammit Alan Ball.
  • I'm guessing by now they've forgotten about the creepy doll thing because Bernadette is full time on the Big Bang Theory.
  • Crap-King Bill asks Eric if he needs things explaining to him, Eric says no, Crap-King Bill explains it anyway.
  • I never thought I would be so amused by Eric bowing.  Now I know how to bow sarcastically. 
  • Oh at fricking last, we'll find out what happened to Sophie Anne.  Oh my God, as if he killed Sophie Anne, what a twat.  He's never get away with that in the books, they'd be meetings and everything.
  • Pam, smack some more sense into Sookie.  Please.  Oh well, he's going to be amnesia Eric by tonight anyway.
  • Sam's support group is boring as all hell.  Why are we doing this?
  • Haha, Tommy's faking the leg thing, not surprised.
  • Sam and Tommy are adorkable together, this needs to be Sam's thing, not the stupid support group.
  • YAY!  Amnesia time!  About fucking last.
  • Crystal is about ten times as crazy as she ever was in the books.
  • ZOMG - finding Eric was exactly as it was in the book.  Poor Vulnerable Eric.  I'd so be gay for Eric, not Askars, Eric, he's the man.

Summary:  Overall an under whelming episode, some good moments, some boring moments, no shite or utterly cannon fucking moments thankfully, well, except for the Sophie Anne thing.  I certainly enjoyed it more than last week's outing, though I've very worried about the Shower Scene, due to a post by Alan Ball saying it wasn't exactly like it was in the books.  They better not fuck up that scene, it's the most important scene in the books.  Oh, I wonder if the reason Eric bought the house and made shit load of improvements was to eliminate the payment for looking after him because they got rid of Jason too early.  Ugh, I'm remembering Fairy Land, urge to kill rising....

Good Stuff:
  • Aunt Petunia again, crazy!awesome.
  • Sam/Tommy, the slash/incest shippers are going to have a field day with this pairing.
  • Arlene and Terry again, they are win.
  • Sookie/Eric being generally hot.
  • Pam.  
  • Amensia Eric being all lost and forlorn.
Bad Stuff:
  • Tara, please just get fucking rid of Tara.
  • Over all it was a bit on the dull side, this is what happens when you fuck with the plot, you don't know how to fill in the gaps between the stuff you completely fucked up.
  • Jessica and Hoyt, I love the couple, but them arguing is crap and pointless seeing as how they did that all last season.
  • Sam's support group.
  • Crap-King Bill.
  • Crap-King Bill's arse.
  • Crap-King Bill's Lawndon accent.
  • Psycho!Crystal and her brother-boyfriend.

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